What Is The Meaning Of " Man Is Born Free, And Everywhere He Is In Chains?


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Since Jean-Jacques Rousseau believe that the natural man is born free. He is free without the concept of rules and laws that should be followed. He believe that the innate man is good but because of the increasing human population scarcity arises that causes competition with resources. "Survival of the Fittest". This competition results to violence and killing for the sake of having enough resources to be able to survive. As the time passed by, the man realizes that violence is not the way for one to survive in the state of nature. Since man are rational, he thinks of a way to fight violence. This results to the formation of the Social Contract (laws and rules) to stop people from killing each other. In due time, since man are rational, he thinks on how to produce more resources from the growing population. This is when the concept of modernization, trading, development and industrialization comes into existence. However, this modernization, this growing development becomes a negative influence on a human being as it can cause the biggest destruction one could ever imagine. This growing development and how it can destruct the nature of man is the "Chain" that has been with the man.
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I think every child is born alone and in earth man are more than woman so the line second is about man are more than women so they found so much and in groups.

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