What Advantages Do Third World Countries Have?


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People of the world who are unable to fulfil their needs are known to belong to third world. It is a name given to the countries which are poor. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and many other countries are examples of third world courtiers. They rely upon developed countries for fulfilling the demands of their people. They are unable to fulfil their needs. They have not enough food to eat. They have not enough money to give shelter and clothing to their people. They don't have enough resources to give impetus to their industry and economy.

They have some advantages like they are having a colossal amount of finances from rich countries. They are gaining money from others. They are also having funds and stuff from international and national organizations. They are supposed to be funded in all regards. Whenever they feel insecurity or whatever they just need to complain others about it. Then there will be no problem for them. Indira Gandhi once said, "There is no first , second and third world, well belong to one world."

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