What Are The Objectives Of Oral Presentation?


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The main purpose of an oral presentation is to offer information that the audience will then remember at a later date. Oral presentations give one an opportunity to get people interested in your work. It allows people to associate with the work and encourages discussion and feedback. The risk factor involved is that people only remember very little. The way that people would remember depends on the quality of the presentation.
Scientific presentations are essential features in the life of technical professionals. Every technical person stands to gain from improving his or her communication skills. The most common ways to make others aware of the work being done is by publishing the results in a periodical, or by giving oral or poster presentations.
Written and oral presentations are two different things. There are prescribed guidelines for writing a scientific paper, the article must be written according to the format of the journal in which it is to be published. The references in these publications must be properly inserted at an appropriate place in the text. The list of references must be prepared according to the journal's format.
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Oral Presentation
Skills Some people have an innate talent for public speaking. Most of us, however, have to work hard to get up in public and give a good talk.

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