What Are The Disadvantages Of Euthanasia, In Point Form?


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You do not state if this is to imply euthanasia in a human or animal. We will deal mainly with euthanasia in a human. In short, euthanasia in an animal implies that an animal has to be 'put down' if they are suffering or if they are unwanted. If animals were sterilized in a compassionate way there would be less overcrowding in animal shelters and thus less euthanasia that would be taking place. All life should be treated with respect, whether animal or human. The disadvantages of euthanasia in a human are listed below.

· Professional role: Those against euthanasia dispute the fact that it could compromise doctors and healthcare employees in their professional capacities. Critics argue that physicians from previous centuries in Europe traditionally swore variations of their Hippocratic Oath that excluded euthanasia.

· Theological/Moral: A few people that include Christians believe that euthanasia is morally unacceptable. They feel that euthanasia is a form of murder and that voluntary euthanasia is a form of suicide. This is a subject of ongoing debate.

· Necessity: If they believe that there is a cure or that it soon will be curable for the patient's suffering or illness, the proper action would be to employ palliative care or to try to produce a cure.

· The viability of implementation: The act of euthanasia is only considered to be voluntary if the patient can make this decision in a mentally competent way. This means that they must have a rational understanding of the consequences and options. Competence could therefore be quite difficult to actually define or determine.

· Consent under undue pressure: Critics are worried that patients could go through psychological pressure from being financial burdens on their respective families and in consenting to a voluntary euthanasia.

· Life is sacred: Critics argue that any life is considered to be sacred and that no one has any right in taking a life. They argue that all life should have a natural ending and that assisted suicide must remain illegal.

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