What Do Marines Carry In Their Backpacks When Serving In Field?


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Whatever the platoon sgt. Directs.
For a short patrol, you might have pancho liner, pancho, E-tool, 1st aid kit, mre's, flashlight, camo paint, moleskin, wire-cutters (several tools), maps, translation book, 550 chord, ord. Tape (similar to duct tape), sleeping bag. Anything you may need to be prepared for the enviorment you're in.
That roll you see on top of a.l.I.c.e. Packs or under m.o.l.l.e. Packs is an isomat, used to put seeping bag on.
Many things are held in LBV load bearing vest otherwise known as 782 gear or deuce gear, it holds ready access items like compass, gps, earplugs, ammo, grenades etc.

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