How Would You Prove Yourself A True Patriot Or A Good Citizen?


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Patriotism is a natural passion of man by the force of which he feels a natural attachment to his motherland. This is an instinctive virtue, which is found in every person. Patriotism is the love of a person for his country .If a man has no love for his country, he is worse than a beast .A man who has no patriotism, may be alive in body but he is dead in soul. Patriotism is older than the organized society.

Even the ancient tribes, who had no fixed homes, had a great love for the land, which they conquered and lived there for some time.A true patriot or good citizen should place his country's collect interest above his self-interest .He should be ready to lay down his life and property in the defense of his country.

A true patriot should hate for wrong and love for truth. He does not sell his services for his country .He should love his country truly and selflessly. Patriotism dose not mean ill will for the citizen of other counties. For example, we can love our child without hating the child of our neighbor. If you have these qualities in yourself then you can say that you are a good citizen.
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A true patriot is someone who truly cares about their country and earnestly thinks of the best course of action for it.

To prove myself a good citizen, I would make myself more aware of the happenings in my country, by following the local news more often. After educating myself on the most important topics of discussion, I would write to my local congressman, or minister, and even the newspaper about my views as a citizen on what should be done about different topics. This is the best thing any good citizen can do for their country, by letting their opinions and criticisms be known, so that more people become aware and speak out as well, and ultimately influence where your nation is headed. To be ignorant is to revoke your rights of citizenship.

Another good way to prove one's patriotism would be to enroll in their country's army reserves. If you truly believe that your country is right in what it is doing, then by all means enlist yourself and offer your services, because it proves you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the freedom of your fellow citizens and for the policies and beliefs of your nation.
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Be responsible and be active. Don't do wrong with any person. Be practical. Do what you think is important to do. Don't forget that you are living with in a country where you are supposed to be an honourable citizen. They are facilitating you in many ways so you should be loyal to them in all regards. It is good to follow the regulations to bits. You should never break laws. You should present yourself at your level best. You should be loyal to your organization too.

If you have any responsibility or you think that you have to pay for any facility then you should pay in time. Don't dawdle the resources of a country. Be specific in whatever you do. Don't do bad with the people. Don't do wrong with their communities. Don't waste their money. Don't waste their things. Don't spread dust and dirt. It is your loyalty and good nature which will make you a patriot and good citizen at all.
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To prove you a true patriot or a good citizen, one has to adopt rules and regulations of the society, culture and religion. Though sometimes it becomes very difficult to adopt these restrictions but good-natured people go through them and do not care for the hardships and troubles they face. Your question that how would you a true patriot or a good citizen you will have to adopt many means and measures.

As I told earlier for becoming true patriot or a good citizen, an individual has to adopt certain rules and regulations of the country like laws of the country, customs and traditions of the country as well as to respect the religion of that particular country. He should have a sincere approach towards his country and always try for the betterment of it. He should abide by the rules and regulations of his country and always think to do something better for the service of his country. He should have deep love in his heart for his country and he should always feel proud to be the citizen of it. I hope any person who acts like it can be called a true patriot and a good citizen of the country.

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