Explain The Types Of Land Tenure Prevailing In Pakistan.


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The land tenure system of a country determines the legal and customary rights in the ownership and use of land. There are different land tenure systems in world. Pakistan inherited the land tenure system from British rulers. In Pakistan there are four types of land tenure. These are state ownership of land, private ownership of land, ryotwari system and mahalwari system.

Under the system of State ownership of land system, the ownership rights are vested with the state. Such lands are called CRWON LANDS. The cultivator gets land from the government for cultivation purpose with certain terms and conditions. The cultivation is bound to pay the amount of agreed for the use of land. The cultivator cannot be transfer or sell the land. Under policy such lands are given to the tenants. This system is very common in Pakistan. The rights of ownership of land are with an individual or a group of individuals. The owner can sell or transfer the land by virtue of rights in ownership. The owner is responsible to pay land revenue to government.

Ryot means the occupant of land. This system was introduced by the British rulers in province of Sindh.. mahal means village. Under this system individual is the owner of the land.

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