Who Invented The First Missile?


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Who invented the first missile really depends on what you mean by a 'missile'.

In English, a missile can refer to any object that is propelled through the air - although these days it is mostly used to describe a military self-propelled guided weapon.

Based on the above definition, the Taoists of 9th century China can be considered as some of the inventors of missiles.

Who invented the missile? The are a number of documented 'self-propelled rockets' being used as weapons between 1200-1300 in China.

It is hard to verify exact dates, names and authenticity - but we do know that the Chinese were making use of gunpowder during this time.

The following are also important dates/people related to the invention of the missile:

  • The battle of 1232 that saw the Kai Feng Fu battle an invading army of Mongolians is one example of early rockets being used in battle.
  • In the 18th century, Hyder Ali (a prince of Mysore in India) would invent a missile that made use of metal cylindrical barrels to channel the combustion force into significant propulsion power.
  • The V-1 and V-2 missile bombs developed by Nazi Germany during World War II and were the first example of guided, operational missiles being used in warfare.
These days, technology means that missile systems have grown to be very efficient and very lethal - with the nuclear warheads stockpiled around the world being powerful enough to destroy the entire planet many times over.
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In my knowledge, lion of mysore hazrat tipu sultan has invented the first missile...

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