What Are Impacts Of Indian Dressing In Pakistan?


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Pakistani culture is based on Islam. Islam is the true religion and it is not possible that it will have impact of any other religion. Its culture is a complete set of things which are unable to amend by others. Census data indicates that over 97% of the populations are Muslims. Over 98% of 166 million peoples of Pakistan are Muslims.

Pakistan has an impact of Indian dressing culture as well. Pakistan is a Muslim country but people have gained western and Indian culture due to modernization and westernization. It has a negative impact on the original culture gifted by Islam but we are not denying the bad effects of Indian style of dressing that we have adapted.


The very examples are those of Sarhi, sleeveless dressing, short shirts, less use of cheddar, etc. On special occasions, ladies use to wear Indian culture for show off. This can be observed during the functions of mod scad cities of Pakistan. People have learned these things from Indian drama and movies at most.

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