How Many Classes Were There In The Spanish Societal Hierarchy In America?


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Overall there were four classes of the Spanish societal hierarchy, bearing a similarity to the caste system in Hinduism. The first and the highest class was that of nobles, who were all born in Spain and were assigned the most prestigious of jobs in the Spanish colonial society. The second class was referred to as Creoles and these were the people who were actually born in North America.

They were respectable too nevertheless they were a level lesser than the nobles. Next came the class of Mestizos, which was a level below the Creoles. Mestizos were those people who were children of Native American and Spanish parents. Last but not the least came the Mulattoes, the Native Americans and the Africans. Mulattoes were basically those people who had Native American and African parents or even those who had African and Spanish parents. The class system promoted clear discrimination in the treatment of the lower classes.

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