What Is The Importance Of Manuscript Speech In The Business Communication?


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The most formal kind of business speaking is a manuscript speech. Since you read a manuscript speech word for word you have the least direct interaction with your audience of any form of speaking. Such speeches are relatively infrequent in most businesses presentations and meetings are usually more common. There is however some situation in which you might need to give a manuscript speech. For instance you might want to make sure you have exact, precise wording speaking on a sensitive legal matter. For example by giving testimony or you might need to check the exact wording with other people with a lawyer. Finally you may need to write out a speech for someone else to deliver. As a speech writer you act very much like a consultant does, you confer with the speaker in advance, write the speech then modify it based on his or her reactions.

When you sit down to write a manuscript speech naturally you go through the usual process, establish objective, and analyse the audience structure the message. However instead of writing notes in outline form on cards as you would for a presentation you write sentences and paragraphs on paper. The main problem people have in writing manuscripts speeches is with wording.

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