Is Corruption Good, Bad Or Irrelevant For Economic Growth?


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The view that controlling corruption comes about only when a country is fully developed is also being challenged. While there is a connection between a country's level of development and the degree to with it is experiencing corruption, it is also the case that there are large variations in the occurrence of corruption among groups of countries at similar stages of development. The data goes even further: The Transparency International corruption guide ranks Chile, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Poland, and South Africa as "Cleaner" than developed countries such as Greece and Italy.

"Corruption apologists" argues that corruption can increase competence by cutting the momentous time needed to process permits and paperwork. The problem with this "speed money" argument lies in the assumption that both sides will in fact stick with the deal, and there will be no additional demands for bribes.

Corruption has impaired the condition of social programs to the planned target populations and, more normally, corruption has hurt the poor.
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Corruption is bad by every aspect and also by ISLAM. and it is totally irrelevant for economic growth.

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