What Did Charles Darwin Discover?


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Charles Darwin did not invent anything. He was the first person to voice the idea of evolution, which was mentioned in just one line in his book, On the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races, published in November 1859.

This book concentrated on speciation and the divisions between species, but the one line that mentioned evolution caused furor and controversy, and there were many people, even highly educated people, who mocked him and derided his theories. He was considered to be a very great threat against the church because if his theories were true the whole notion of God creating the world in six days was completely undermined and the potential consequences of people no longer believing this were massive. As such, he was accused of being in league with the devil.

It is certainly true to say that Charles Darwin has been a major influence in our knowledge of life on earth and how it has evolved through natural selection and adapting to environmental influences.

In further works, Darwin demonstrated that the difference between humans and other animals is not one of species but of degrees. His relating humans and apes caused even more controversy and violent reactions, and he, and anyone who took him seriously, were ridiculed through fear and ignorance. No-one else, before or after Darwin has been able to account for the facts that he discovered, or to give viable explanations for them, other than the ones that he gave.

Even without his theories on evolution, Darwin's works have been astounding and the world has hugely benefited from them. His studies and writings in botany, geology, invertebrate zoology, biogeography, psychology and scientific travel still make him one of the most influential people in the history of science.
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He discovered the theory of evolution. For example he theorized that humans evolved from monkeys and he theorized dinosaurs etc.
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Charles Darwin added much of what we know about biology today.  Darwin put forward the theory of "Natural Selection", the process by which in nature weaker animals have less chance to breed and the stronger have a better chance to pass their genetic material on to offspring therefore bettering their race.  This idea was built upon and refined to become Evolution as we know it today.
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He discovered evolution, that   monkeys evolved into humans!

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The Theory Of Evolution.
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Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution. You know, the one they teach in school as if its truth. The ironic thing is, before he died he got saved and refuted his own theory.
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Charles Darwin discovered the theory of evolution. It is used to figure out where humans come from, and how they developed certain features. :]
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For writing books such as oliver twist and he liked that one because it was his favourite one
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He was a great man who discoverd the theory of ev elution that is humans evolved from monkeys
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He combined Charles Lyell's ideas with A R Wallace's writings to find an explanation for the evolution of all living organisms as an argument against creationism (or to be pc: 'intelligent design'), these theories the scientific community generally accepted as fact in the late 1800's.
As time progresses, science continually finds more evidence to support intelligent design, further disproving Darwin's theories, but the social climate is determined to promote the non-existence of God or another form of intelligence orchestrating such design, that his contributions directly increase the world-wide division between cultural and religious based groups, effecting everything from socio-economics, to education to religion to politics.
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The reason he was famous was because he came up with the evolution thoery
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