How Do You Spell Happy Birthday In Japanese?


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The answer to this question would depend on whether you are trying to spell or write 'happy birthday' in Japanese with the standard 26-letter alphabet lettering or with original Japanese symbols.

In the Japanese language the way you say (and therefore spell) happy birthday depends on how well you know the person, as there is both a formal and a casual way of saying the phrase.

The website is an excellent resource on this subject as it will explain and outline the phrasing of 'happy birthday' in both English and Japanese. According to the website, there are two ways you can say (and spell) happy birthday using the standard English alphabet. This is as follows:
  • Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu as a formal saying
  • Tanjoubi omedetou if you are saying the phrase more casually. 
You will be able to see the spelling as would spell it as it has been written above. The website also helpfully gives the spelling using Japanese symbols, if you would like to write it in Japanese.

The formal phrase for 'happy birthday' is used mainly for people that you do not know at all or do not know too well. It is also used as a term of respect, so it may be appropriate to say it to someone older than you. The casual phrase above can be used for friends or family and people that you generally know well.

If you would like to double check the spelling there are also many websites that will translate words and phrases from one language to another. Even Google has a translating service that can be found here:
This will permit you to type a phrase in English and receive the Japanese translation that you will then be able to write down and use.

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