Describe The Character Of Allama Iqbal.


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Allama Iqbal is known to be the best poet of Pakistan to take birth and hence he is also known as the national poet of Pakistan. His knowledge was not only confined to poetry and prose. He has played an active role in the emergence of the new nation, Pakistan. In fact the one who saw the dream of having an independent nation for the Muslims of India was none other than this great personality. He has a written a lot of books about poetry and prose in his life.

All of them were not only liked, loved and directed to children only but they were also loved by elders and everyone enjoyed reading them. All of his poetry assets taught a valuable lesson to all. Allama Iqbal took part in active politics in 1926 when he was elected as a member of Punjab Assembly. He was the owner of a very valuable personality and was kind, cool minded, a great poet and most of all a great Pakistani and Muslim. If he had not dreamt of having an independent nation, we would have still been under the thumb of Hindus.

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