What Are The Basic Parts Of The Newspaper And Thier Meaning?


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The story on the front page of the newspaper is often called a "lead" or "splash" story. This is the story which the greatest number of people will find interesting, and is positioned on the front cover in order to promote a high number of sales. It is usually a story which will be of national, rather than local, interest. The lead article, like all articles within the newspaper, will have a headline in bold print, which sums the story up in a few words or a brief sentence.

Throughout a newspaper, along with news articles of national and local interest, you may find one of the following features:

  • An editorial, or an opinion article, which is an article written to convey the writer's point of view on a particular debate or issue, and to try to convince the audience that this point of view is correct

  • A feature article, covering at least two pages, which is usually related to a current event, such as an interview relating to a movie release

  • A business and finance section, which provides information on the value of stocks and shares, the activity of banks, and other financial matters

  • An entertainment section, which may provide radio or television program listings, new movie releases, and information on new books or music

  • A sports section, which contains information about the actions of local and national sports teams - commonly soccer or American football teams

  • A dating section, which acts like an online dating forum, where people can place short descriptions of themselves and their contact details, in hope of finding a partner

  • An obituary section is more common in local newspapers, and contains the names and details of the recently deceased

  • An advertisement section allows people to place a variety of different advertisements, whether they are looking to buy or sell goods, find work or offer services

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- Business
- Classified Ads
- Dateline
- Editor
- Editorial
- Education
- Entertainment
- Feature article
- Headline
- Health
- Home and Culture
- International
- News article
- Obituaries
- Science
- Society Page
- Sports
- Table of contents
- Technology
- The cover page story
- Travel and Tourism Section

The business section is for things that are happening business-wise. For example, the business section might contain media and advertising, world business, the economy of the country that you live in, the stock markets, company researches, mutual funds, and stock portfolios.

Classified Ads
Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers,

The words at the beginning of a news article that tell when and where the story was written.

One of the people who runs a newspaper.

An article in which the people who run a newspaper give their opinion on an important issue
This section contains information about movies, radio, television, and other activities for entertainment. It also includes games and puzzles, comic strips and cartoons, and the daily horoscope.

Feature article
Feature articles provide readers with a written analysis of a certain topic. These articles are intended to serve readers with the writer's interpretation of a story, unlike news stories, which simply provide the facts. Feature articles appear in several different forms.

The words printed in large type across the top of a newspaper article to catch the reader's attention.

The health section in a newspaper would usually contain the things that are happening to a modern day person's health. For example: They might have come out with a new medicine that could clear the human race totally of allergies. In a health section, there might be news containing things about fitness and nutrition, new health care policies, and mental health and behaviour.

Home and Culture
This section provides ideas about budgeting, food preparation, house improvement, proper plant  care, and the like.

The international section of a newspaper tells you about news in different continents, such as Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

News article
In a newspaper, a story about an event that has just taken place.

In an obituary, you can find out about people who passed on recently, and people think that their death should be mentioned to the community. When you would go to this section in a newspaper, you can most likely find a picture about someone and a short biography.

The science section in a newspaper contains things that are happening in our medical world today. For example: A science section in a newspaper might contain what's happening in outer space, and it might contain things that are happening in and around our environment.
Society Page
This se ction contains news about important or well-known people who are celebrating special occasions or performing at a particular place.

In a sports section, you may find out about last night's baseball, basketball, and football game. That's the second thing besides asking your buddies down at the pizza parlour. It may also tell you about a player on a team that might have gotten injured and cannot play. In a sports section, you can find out things about basketball, professional basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, professional football, and different sports that maybe you'd want to look for.
Table of contents
This is the most important part of a newspaper. This part of the newspaper shows where to find all of these newspaper sections. Without it, reading the newspaper would take hours to read!

The technology section contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world, things that are coming out, and things that have been out, but they're coming back in style.

The cover page story
In this section, you'd just find the story that has the  cover page has on it. It has more detail, and is usually found in the first few pages in the newspaper.

Travel and Tourism
This section provides a guide to enjoyable travel. It directs tourists to scenic vacation spots and gives information on the activities in these places. Also found in this section are the schedules of the departure and arrival of ships and airplanes, both domestic and international.
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Headline-gives the most important fact or news
banner- is the name of the news paper
editorial page-  contains the opinion of the writer
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Parts of the newspaper
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Pats of the news papers
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The different types of news can be categorized as follows:

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That's all my mom said the parts of a newspaper is only ten parts of a newspaper

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