How A Newspaper Can Affect Our Society?


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Newspapers keep the people informed about the political activities of their government. They give in detail the statements of speeches made by the rulers at public meetings of on the radio of television. They also report the activities of political parties and leaders. Standard newspapers criticize the policies and statements of the government or of the political parties in a fair (just) way.

News papers describe the economic policies of the government. For example they describe its import and export policies, its plans for future economic development, and the prices of different things fixed by it, and so on. Our newspapers have always reported in detail the economic policies of our different government in the fields of agriculture, industry and commerce. They have also described the problems of labors, farmers and other working people and suggested their solutions.

Newspapers give a true and correct picture of society. They describe the activities of the people in different fields like education business industry, law, medicine, science, and so on. They tell us about the activities of students and teachers, businessmen, industrialists, lawyers, doctors, scientists and all categories of working people. They convey information regarding the different crimes taking place every day. Newspapers tell about the political, economic and social changes in different countries. They give descriptions of changes government and revolutions in different parts of the world. They give descriptions of changes taking place in other societies in education, science, and medicine industry agriculture and defence preparation.
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The newspapers can play a very vital role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a nation by highlighting and pin-pointing the social, economic and moral evils in the society. Can be helpful in eradicating these evils from the society. They can also start propaganda against the economic evils like short-weights and measures, smuggling. Black-marketing income tax evasion hoarding corruption and bribery. THUS the newspapers can help greatly in the nation- building activities.

Newspapers provide some material for every type of interest. They give us stories, the crossword puzzles, the post page, the expert's comments on certain affairs of national and international importance. Some pages are meant for women and children as well.
Newspapers also provide us information about various matters and things through advertisements. They can help the advertisers to boost up their sale and the consumers to consume the new goods.

In other words, newspapers provide a wholesome intellectual food, trade contacts and also job opportunities. It is through the newspapers, many a time that marriages are arranged, and lost things are found. People pay homage to their dead relatives through the obituary notes in the newspapers.
In short, newspapers contain all what is needed and desired by every person relating to any field of life. Newspapers play manifold character in almost all fields of life and are becoming more and important day by day.
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One of the first positive effects I can think of at the moment, is probably that mass media keeps people informed of any recent events within a short amount of time. When, for example, a politician is assassinated, you will hear this immediately, so that you will know what is going on. Media keeps you informed.
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Newspaper is very important in our lives and it is the most common form of printed media. Newspaper gives the information related to all fields of life. Individuals who routinely study the newspapers cannot spend their one day without newspaper. People can keep themselves updated from all of the important news of the world. Another impact which newspapers bring to us is the exposure of the people to the news which should not be made openly. This can cause disturbance among the people. This is the requirement of the media to publish rumors and hot gossips therefore, newspapers can also misguide the people. In conclusion, I would like to say that newspapers can have both the positive and negative impacts on our lives.
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I think the main problem with newspapers and news in general is that they focus on the sensational and the tragic, and give little credence to the positive things that go on in this world.
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From the century's people using different ways to send messages and making public announcements and informing bulletins used different Medias. They use to write on skins, stones, white boards, and cloths to send messages. First newspaper was printed in the form of new sheet in china in the 18th century. Newspapers are use to published research work. In the old days, they were sold as a source of book of different scientist, doctors, and researchers.

Newspapers still plays a vital role even the changing in technologies creating challenges and opportunities for this media. Newspaper is main source of handy information provide up-to-date information. Every one can afford to buy. It gives the sophisticated approach towards life in social, political, economical and entertainment framework. Provide knowledgeable information available to all ages and societal status. Because it is not necessary that every one have TV, or internet resources, radio, as these are the technological resources. It is global need of every culture. It is also beneficial to the different organization to sell their products through advertisements. it creates reading and research skills for children specially. It promotes freedom to journalism to project the truth in the society and aware with the global happenings.
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The positive effects of newspaper to society is to transfer information to the public.
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Newspaper can affect our lives both negatively and positively. Reading newspaper is of utmost important. But there are many good and bad things in  in it. One must read good things and take up that good things.
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Positives of a newspaper are widespread.

People can improve their reading, writing, and communication skills because of newspapers and the opportunities they provide.

Newspapers originated as a watchdog to our government, in fact, Thomas Jefferson once stated that "…were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Negatives of newspapers are few--but if printed they do cost money and paper, made from trees.
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Well , newspapers have been around for a long time and well who doesnt love them?? Sitting by the fire place drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Every morning waking up going to the doorstep grab the newspaper and read it while eating breakfast!!! :)
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I thinks the Negative effect of newspaper is it make us think the way newspaper want us to be. We does not realize that as we reading it, we change our mind too. We follow the author's way.

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