Did The Australians Commit Gemocide In Their Treatment?


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Not sure as to what your refering to but to try to answer your question.

There was no such thing as 'australians' when the europeans came to australia (unless you count the aboriginals). You could however be loose with the term australian and refer to the prisoners and settlers from the UK. These europeans did fight with the aboriginals but you could hardly call it genocide, the aboriginals out numbered the europeans, and both sides were skilled with fighting. However, the europeans decided to 'win over' the aboriginals and used their new (to the aboriginals) things like alcohol and civilised items to barter with the aboriginals for labour and food.

There was a point in time when the australian government was removing, some voluntary some not, children who are 'half cast' (which means born between aboriginal and a white australian parents) from their aboriginal family. Because it was seen to be better for them with education and for well being. Many lost their family ties, not killed. However this was a very very long time ago, and since then the australian government has officially apologised to those who have been traumatised.

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