What Is The Role Of Press In Nation Building?


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Print media has a wider access to the people; hence it has a strong impact. It plays a vital role in the opinion making process. Now that world has become a global village. Press has the power to turn a dream into reality. It is the need of the hour that press should play its role in the nation building process. Instead of being indulged into the false propagation media should try to optimize the situation.

The role of press in education and health sector is far more important then its role in the election campaigns. It's the job of the print media to show the true picture of the society. But it is unfortunate the most of the press is biased. They are projecting what they want instead of projecting the reality. Access to people demands a very responsible behavior. Their role should be to spread love instead of cultivating hatred, which is of no use.

They have to play crucial rule in educating the people and to provide them clear picture of what's going on in the world because ignorance is a major problem. They should not over proportionate. Factual reporting is the essence of journalism and if the press starts reporting facts there would be a lot of betterment in the society.

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