Where Was Queen Elizabeth II Born?


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Queen Elizabeth II was born at 2.40 am on April 21st 1926 in London at 17 Bruton Street.
She was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York and was born as Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.
She was however, not born to be the heir to the throne she was third in line, since her uncle, Edward was first in line, next was her father George, then finally, the Princess Elizabeth.
It was only in 1937 after Edward VIII had abdicated that she became the next in line to the throne.
It is widely thought that being born third in line to the throne and thus assuming that it was unlikely she would ever be queen, gave the young princess a much more relaxed childhood than had she been born as the 'heiress presumptive'. Much of her early life was spent at home at 145 Piccadilly in London, as opposed to Buckingham Palace where her own children lived.
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Jeez Louise you make your own question up and answer it and you asked for the answer were the queen was born not her life :i
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London because shes he queen of London

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