Who Were Some Of The Most Notable Participants Of The Abolition Movement?


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It was with the insistence on behalf of the religious groups that the abolition movement first began. The Quakers were the pioneers of the abolition movement who started the carriage of their purpose in the year 1776. Soon after other religious leaders followed suit and joined the abolition movement and played their part in fighting against slavery. William Lloyd Garrison was one of the most notable abolitionists of his time who thought of slavery as a curse and desired all of the African Americans to be freed on an immediate basis.

For this purpose, he even published a newspaper called 'The Liberator'. Then there was a free African American whose name was Paul Cuffee who played a great role in sending African Americans to West Africa, which was their actual homeland and from where they were forcefully brought to America. Other notable participants of the abolition movement were Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglas.

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