What Was The Declaration Of Sentiments All About?


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The Declaration of Sentiments was framed by two advocates of the women's rights movement namely Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott. These women, during one of the conferences in Seneca Falls, New York, presented the Declaration of Sentiments. This particular document was in stark resemblance to the Declaration of Independence (which became the basis for the American Revolution in 1776), the former one stating that all men and women are created equal and therefore are entitled to equal rights. The unfair treatment of women by men was one of the most important points of the Declaration of Sentiments.

The demand put forth by this document was the demand for women to get equal rights as men that also included suffrage (the right to vote). Frederick Douglas spoke persuasively at the following convention in favor of the Declaration of Sentiments, managing to convince the delegates to acknowledge the facts mentioned in the Declaration. Nevertheless still many delegates refused on the prospect of giving women the right to vote.

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