How Many People Escaped The WTC On 9-11-2001 Due To Emergency Evacuation Planning?


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There were approxtimately 40,000 people working at the World Trade Center when the attack happened who were safely evacuated. Included in that were 18 people from the second tower hit who were actually able to escape from above the impact zone.
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I would like to see the sources of where that answer came from, did you get it from a common newspaper? LOL. I have read (could be BS) that the official (I should say unofficial) death toll was much much higher.

Perhaps people should be asking why none or hardly any jews were killed in those attacks, when historically jews (I don't mean to stereotype by the way) have heaps of people working in the WTC at any given moment.

Where they forewarned, why did Larry silverstein (a jew) win the bid after it was deemed that the whole WTC would be privatised? Why did he take out a HUGE insurance policy, of which were reportedly more than what his bid for the lease was, and why did he get a policy that covered "terror attacks". All coincidence, or all part of a grand scam, ahh sorry..... Scheme.

Anyway if any of what I say interests you have a read of this, and the rest of the site, it's quite good, but remember, never be too one sided or narrow minded, just try to be unbiased but aware, otherwise truth may hit you in the face and you would not even recognise it  :)
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All of them crashed and burned to death leaving no survivors

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