I Wish To Find Out How High Above Sea Level I Live Post Code Is S715dr .can You Help?


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I wish to find out how high above sea level is cf327dn
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It would have been far easier to simply list your town or city and country,
but, since you put this question in the "United Kingdom" category,
I'm presuming that it is somewhere within that realm.

As such, given that the postal district code begins with "S71",
I shall presume that you live in the village/parish of
Ardsley, Athersley, Monk Bretton, or Royston,
in the postal district/town of Barnsley,
of South Yorkshire county, England.
If that is the case,
then your area is approximately 75 feet (approx. 23 meters) above sea level.

UK postcode districts: en.wikipedia.org "S" postcode areas: en.wikipedia.org Barnsley geography: en.wikipedia.org Royston (sea level): www.absoluteastronomy.com

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