What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Colonization?


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There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to colonization.

  • Advantages of colonization

Firstly, in the past, areas which have been colonized have been quite poor or underdeveloped. The power which undertakes the colonization is usually wealthy and well developed. As a result, the colony can benefit from the wealth and technology of their colonizer.

Another advantage of colonization is that the power which colonizes the area in question can learn a great deal from their new colony, and vice versa. Often, the two peoples have very different cultures, religions and education. Therefore, each can learn a lot, just from spending time around each other.

Another advantage (for the colonizing power) is that the colony may provide resources that cannot be found elsewhere. The colony may have a great deal of land for farming and growing crops, or may be rich in valuable resources such as coal, oil or gold. As a result, the colonizing power can benefit from these resources.

  • Disadvantages of colonization

One disadvantage of colonization is the interruption of the colony's way of life. When a power takes over an area, and claims it as a colony, the native inhabitants' way of life is often disrupted and changed beyond recognition. This can lead to a loss of tradition, culture and identity of the people within the colony.

Another disadvantage of colonization is unfair power balance between the colonizer and the colony. Often, the colonizer considers itself to be superior, and the people of the colony to be inferior or even worthless. As a result, there is a lack of respect towards the native inhabitants of the colony, and they may be treated very badly by the colonizing power.

A further disadvantage to colonization is potential conflict. Not only have the natives of the colony had their land invaded by outsiders, but their lifestyles, cultures, traditions and even their homes may be completely changed. This can result in hostility between the colony and the colonizer, and can even lead to conflict.

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