What Is Democratic Supervision?


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Democratic supervision is a term used to describe the in-house supervision of teachers in a school environment, to facilitate the maximum amount of possible development.

Democratic supervision is based on a more modern approach to teaching, in understanding the dynamics and natural progression of life. The former precedence of rigidity and austerity in the school environment is now taking a backseat to a newer, more flexible approach. 

Instead of placing heavy emphasis on discipline and obedience, this new approach of democratic supervision is more centred on learning, progression and overall growth. It is noted that teacher participation in study has lead to greater success in such a path, hence the growing eminence of democratic supervision.

The beauty of this system is that it is designed to allow nuances within the teaching environment. It accommodates for all personality types. In doing so, it stops excluding those who do not usually "fit in" or are not tamed by rigid obedience techniques.

Supervision in this area is tailored to maximise the flourishing of individual personalities, expressions and idiosyncrasies.

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