What Are The Advantages Of Nationalization?


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I am sorry to say here that the nationalization has got advantages only in developed countries where population is not much. In developing countries (I am not talking about all countries but only where population is huge), the nationalization brings corruption and the illegal actions on government part.

Nationalization has many advantages in developed countries. You get the following things free.

Unemployment Benefit
If you are Handicap then you get benefit
Scholarship for a new born baby
Good infrastructure
Loyal Police
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in nationalization everything is under government control and at times it is useful because private firms look at their won profit and their main aim is to maximize profits.on the other hand if something is under the gov. control it will be giving equal standars of living to the people..more employment of the people will be there because they will care for the economy of the country.
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It earns revenue for the country
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You get all those wonderful things,plus the govt takes half or more of your pay.Doctors aren't motivated because Govt. Controls how much they makes ;read :Socialism .Patients aren't happy, have to wait months for non elective surgery, and end up going to countries that have motivated doctors like U.S. To get their operations done without the wait.You also get totally unmotivated civil servants who strike at the drop of a hat because of lousy pay.Not much benefit to avg. Person like me. Can you say USSR?
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Advantages often cited include: Assets remain part of the national wealth rather than belonging to individuals; government control of utilities can mean that safety, high standards etc, rather than profit, is the main motive; working conditions may be better; state-owned utilities can't be sold to foreign owners (as has happened to some key services eg, UK water.)

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