Who Was Behind The Wheel Of The Titanic When It Crashed?


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Robert Hichens was behind the wheel of the Titanic when the ship struck the iceberg in 1912. However, it wasn't exactly his fault that the ship sank - nobody could have known that the iceberg was there until it was too late.

Who Was Robert Hichens?
Robert Hichens was one of the Titanic's six quartermasters. There were only about seven hundred people who survived the disaster, and Robert Hichens was one of them.

After the accident, Hichens came under heavy criticism for the way that he had conducted himself aboard the lifeboat that he manned.

Apparently, he refused to go back to rescue the remaining passengers, claiming that they were already dead and calling them "stiffs". Hichens later denied this.

Who Was The Captain Of The Titanic?
The captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. He died when the ship sank, and although there are several different accounts of his death, none of them have ever been confirmed, as his body was never recovered.

The general consensus is that Smith died a hero, either rescuing other passengers or remaining in the radio room to update the ships that had responded to the Titanic's distress call.

Some witnesses said that Smith saved a child, and then removed his own lifejacket (effectively committing suicide) when he heard that his First Officer was dead.
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The word is actually 'helming', and while Captain E J Smith was responsible as captain, it was the quartermaster, Robert Hichens, who was actually at the wheel when the iceberg was struck.
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The word is piloting, not driving. It was the English Captain Smith.
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No, the ship was just too big to turn around, and the iceberg came up so fast that they didn't see it until it hit. Then it was too late.

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