How To Maintain A Healthy Environment Even Though The Population Is Increasing?


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Our environment has been a huge concern to scientists for many years now, as massive amounts of pollution attack our eco-system and slowly change the world in which we live. We produce more and more pollution as the population increases and the population is increasing by 1.3% which means it will have doubled in 53 years time. Better health care and knowledge about nutrition and sanitation are the main reasons for our expanding population and this is a worrying statistic will have a drastic effect on our environment and our resources.

There are a number of ways in which we can try to maintain a healthy environment in our ever expanding world. High consumption is proving to be one of our main problems as the majority of people have become accustomed to having huge amounts of food and energy sources available to them whenever they please. Taking simple measures such as being resourceful with power and water can really make a difference as well as limiting your use of cars or using them more effectively. Small fines for having just one person in a car are slowly being implemented in extremely busy areas in an attempt to encourage people to car share or take public transport whenever possible.

We should also limit the amount of waste products we products as the land is unable to expose of it all, particularly non-biodegradable products such as plastic bags. Fashions and opinions are slowly changing and more and more people are using reusable shopping bags and water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic expose of. Recycling is an excellent way to help the planet expose of our waste but reducing and reusing should come first.

Becoming self-sufficient or at least partially self sufficient is another great way to help the environment as we can help boost our natural resources through growing our own fruit and vegetables in our own back yards or allotments. Eating seasonal produce reduces the need for transport across the globe which produces massive amounts of pollution.
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You might get some ideas from this article  - if you go to the end section on Population and the Environment, there is a list of areas where solutions could be found, and below that there are links to other articles, including one on sustainable farming.

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