Do You Have A Spanish Rental Agreement?


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Blurtit does not have Spanish rental agreements on its website. However, several websites host copies of the forms required in officially signing a Spanish rental agreement.

The website 'Find Legal Forms' hosts an application form but it does require a fee. You can also try searching the Spanish for the form: 'modelo contrato alquiler'. The safest bet is to use La Gestoria. They are a Spanish legal and administrative organization and they can draft up a rental agreement for you; in Spanish and translated to English too. It costs but it's reliable.

  • What is a Spanish Rental Agreement?
A Spanish Rental Agreement is a legal contract signed by people wanting to rent a property. It is most common that holidaymakers sign one to rent a villa or a lodge. The contract will state what is provided and what responsibilities the tenants have whilst there. The contract will also state what the landlord is required to do should there be any problems.

  • Are there any special rules with regards rent in Spain?
Like most countries, the rental agreement is a written and signed contract. It legally binds the renters to pay for their accommodation. In Spain the rules are very strict; there is no way out of paying unless the property is destroyed through no fault of your own. If you scarper and do not pay then legally you are guilty of fraud and theft.

A tenant is expected to pay on time and the right amount. They must keep the accommodation in the same condition they received it, and pay damages for anything they may damage, mark or break. Tenants do have the right to demand necessary repair work to be carried out by the landlord though.
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