What Is Today's Significance?


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Well, you asked this about two weeks ago, so that was 9-11. Sad day indeed, and a very hard day for remembering, and especially a day that angers me to no end.
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It, to me is a day that I discovered how big and terrifying a government can be. It is a day that the whole world was taken and stopped in awe. The biggest, meanest dupe ever pulled on a people. So sad that people lost so much for politics. I am a conspiracy believer- Loose Change made things just that much clearer. Loose Change is on YouTube. While it's true- it brought us together, united- it really could have come about without the loss of life.
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This is the day we lost many,many good lives to terrorism,this is the day we lost our twin towers,this is the day many Americans finally came together in unity from their hearts,and compassion,this is the day we saw more HUMANITY on this earth than there has ever been,this is the day,we knew we could become targets,of insane minds....this is a day of memorial for all who were lost in the air,and on the ground,this is a day of remembering those who lost their lives in duty,on the job,and just being there...I'll remember this day forever,for it was a day I woke to tragedy.
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Today means a lot to me and it is a day of rememberance, remembering those that got caught up in something that had been in the making for sometime and to think nothing has really changed yet, but I think it is in the making, not to allow so many strangers to enter this country without a back ground check and make sure if you come for education once you have gotten your education you must leave and go back to your homeland unless you become a citizen, I know a 24 year old that lost his life in the melee that took place in Newyork on this day......the best to you
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It is amazing to me, that I shared this Q with so many, and only got 3 responses. How sad is that?
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That says a lot, not many people care about others just themselves.....glad to be a part.....

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