How Do I Design An Invitation For A Pastor's Installation Service?


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A pastor’s installation service can be a warming ceremony, welcoming a new face into the congregation to lead worship. Designing the invitations is an honourable job, and one that needs to be done right to ensure members of the church are encouraged to come. The first thing to do will be to get a nice picture of the pastor which can be placed on the invitation. From here, invited guests will be able to recognise who is being installed at the service.

When writing the content for the invitation, you need to be warm and inviting without being too verbose. These leaflets aren’t designed to be jam-packed with information, they need to be short and sweet. With this in mind, don’t start off with an introduction like this: ‘If you are free next Saturday and want something to do, the pastor’s installation service will be taking place at our church, and looks set to be an excellent event for the whole family.’ Instead, why not kick off with something like: ‘You’re invited to our wonderful pastor’s installation service’.

You should choose a colour scheme for the leaflets, and once all of the formatting has been prepared, don’t forget to type in the date, time and address of the event. A contact number for the organiser may be recommended so RSVPs can be made. If there are going to be special events afterwards, you might want to scatter phrases such as ‘live band’, ‘bouncy castle’, ‘barbeque’ around the invite where relevant. Once printed on nice paper and sent out, you’ll know it’s a job well done!

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