What Is A Backbencher?


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A backbencher is a term used to refer to a Member of Parliament or MP who is not a minister in the government or is not a leader or spokesperson of the party whether the ruling or the opposition. A backbencher generally does not hold any office or high post in the party hierarchy though in some cases she/he could also be a senior party figure who has more of an advisory role rather than active role in the party.

A backbencher could also be a newcomer in the world of politics who is being groomed for a higher post by way of observing the proceedings. A backbencher does not usually wield much influence within party circles; they are mainly active in their constituencies and serve as a link between the constituents and the party leadership.

Backbenchers can wield power in situations where the government does not have an outright majority or in cases like voting to approve or reject government policies that do not have significant support within the party.

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