What Is The Meaning Of Green Paper?


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Green paper is a report initiated by the government regarding the formulation of a proposal; the proposal in itself does not suggest the likelihood of the report being pursued with the aim of amending a law or the enactment of a bill. In most cases if the matter is to be pursued by presenting a proposal in the Parliament then the Green paper is replaced by a White Paper resolution.

A Green paper document involves discussions and debates with the intention of launching a series of consultative steps like in the case of a Green paper released by the European Commission. A Green paper issued by the European Commission is a document in which certain ideas are enumerated with the intention of initiating those who are interested to contribute their views and provide information.

A Green paper document is essentially an informal proposal that attempts to take in to account the feasibility of the proposal being presented in the Parliament and the enactment of the proposals in to law.

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