Why do you love your country?


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I love my country because I was born in it, I know it's people & I like them, I'm proud of our history, our country respect & help us and because it's my home sweet home. I will still love my country if something bad happened to it. I will cry on it if a disaster came on it. I will love my country 4 ever coz it was & still is the loving mother who loved us too.
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I love this country because it is where my ancestors were born and raised. They were proud of the land and took good care of it. Would I move if this land were to get any worse? No, I was born here and will die here. I believe you need to stick up for your heritage and what your ancestors have done, my ancestors have made this a good piece of land for me and their relatives. I will keep it and defend it.
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I love my country because at least for now it is the strongest nation on earth. It has given much technology freely to the world and spends much money in many parts of the world. It is unique in the fact that it is a democratically elected Republic. It is my opinion, "although true", that God played a major hand in the birth of my nation. And obviously it is where I was born and therefore I hold my allegiance to it.
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I love my country (england) because it is my nationality and I have grown up here. I am pure British. The reason 'just because' is a good answer because it's your country. It's were you have grown up. What the country has been through you have too.
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I agree. I think we should be able to answer "just because" for the simple fact that we live here and know what we have been through. I am prud of my country and im not ashamed to say that, but i have been through alot of times that i am inclined to say just because.
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I love my country because it is the most free and defined place to live. We can be who we want without being told what we want or why we want it. We are not told what to believe or what we can not believe. It is a fine country indeed to wake up in the morning and decide what you want to do this fine sunny day. It is not mandatory to go anywhere there are consequences for not going to work or school but it is not mandated. In other countries if you do not go to work you are fired the first time. If you miss school you are kicked out with no refund no matter what your age is. The government only pays for some if any schools and in some places not for anything. Yes we live in a wonderful country and I am proud to say I live and have served in and for it!
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I love my country very much. It happened that last year I got married with a North american, and I changed of country, left my successful carrier, my family, friends, and land, but I feel stronger now, because I married the man I love, this country is wonderful too and gives me many beautiful things that I've never experienced.

Now I can tell that I appreciate and respect my origins, and I love and care about this land too, because my present and future is here, beside my man!
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I love my country even if at this rate its not easy for some to even like it (Philippines).... I have to love it in order to preserve my beginning...my roots...my tradition...my blood line...if I would love it as all the other Phil. Heroes have loved it,for all I know,I could be a slave now of some other country...twisting my tongue on trying to learn my captors language...and would be working my ass now scrubbing some other peoples dirt...I love it because its the place which has given me my identity as a filipino.come hell and high water I will fight for it..no matter how bad the economy and system have become this is where I belong...I would be called a Filipino without Philippines...
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By a random stirring into life at one geographical location or another, has not the automatic response of bonding as a 'lock'. The family and it's dynamics sets the willingness to believe Justice surrounds your life.
Daily encounters with the community dictates your personal understanding of the formal governing system that you are encased within. Human perspective outside of any religious precepts is built into the will to survive automatically and without choice.
Should your life needs and aspirations be thought of be achievable with in the framework of your thinking, you will concede that you are in a safe harbor. Positive perceived points to bolster this assumption will be collected in the experiences and you will surrender to the protection of a commonality. In compliance there is a 'warmth' of belonging and/or you personally being accepted.
It ain't love should you be molested by that Government!
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I know if I don't love or fight for my country then I know that people who hate us will walk all over us I will fight for my country I will die for my country I will give my last breath someone needs to know that it will bring honour and glory for your country or even fame I know that lots of people wont die for there country but I know that they will have to change diein will bring that stuff to you if you die for your country for what you believe in cause I know I will die for my country
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I love my country (Pakistan) because

  • This is the place where i have seen families stick together through thick and thin, when so-called developed world is lost in solitude,when emotions and troubles strike.
  • This is the place where I've seen relatives for your well being and share the joy of success with you, when the natives of western countries are on their own in pursuits of happiness.
  • This is the place where friends and neighbors come in to rescue you from troubles and financial crisis even when they are stuck in similar situations.
  • This is the place where people will actually cry and be devastated when you die. Your absence will be felt beyond the day of your funeral.
  • I know that image of my country is not good in the world. People thoughts us as terrorists. They just hate Pakistanis. But, every coin has two sides. One side is good and the other one s bad.  And , of course the good side of our country is very bright and shining. And that is the reason I love my country. And you people will also love my country if you visit us........
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    The country of origin is very important. But it is even more important to feel yourself comfortable in the chosen country. That is the reason I love Spain and I prepare paperwork to move there. I am happy to borin in the USA. But now Europe is my best love. And Spain is the best amond the others.

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    I love this country because it was the greatest power in the world and it still can be but when a immigration law come in and we use it properly. No offence to any one!
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    I don't love my country. It's grey and damp and the air smells of mould. There are numerous things about the UK which are sickening and I would rather not be associated with, but there ARE some good things, like London, which I think is the best place in the world, especially at night. I quite like Spain - it's warm and people know how to enjoy themselves there, and aren't scared to be happy. And before anyone says 'well why don't you live there?' the answer is because I was born here in London, my family all live in this country and so do my friends, and it's love and friendship which tie me to this country, not some strange concept of patriotism.
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    Ah, but you do, deep down.
    It's alright to complaint. It's alright to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But you would not say, "I don't love my parents. My father is bald, and my mother can't sing..."? I'll bet not. You learn to see the good side of things and enjoy them.

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