How Does Overpopulation Affect Ones Health?


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Okay, lets say the world is a small room that fits 10 people. The world has grown to be over populated and toxic. We worry everyday about, H1N1, the flu... And depending on where you live, other serious diseases. So anyways. In that one room lets say one person has a really bad cold. Over time the germs from that one person will affect the other 9 people there. Lets say one has AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease...people have sex all the time. So how many people in the world do you think has a disease? Or head cold? Or the flu? Or something so contagious? Well sweetie our population in the world in 6.4billion. It will increase to 9 billion in 2050. There will be so many new sicknesses out there. They say if H1N1 mutates one more time, it could kill half the population.

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