How To Think In English?


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If you can think in English, it will help you to speak, write, listen and read without having to translate everything to or from your mother tongue. This will definitely improve your comprehension abilities, and make the English you speak and write more natural. Here are some tips:

1. Learn vocabulary in phrases or sentences, but not in single words.

2. Do not try to translate everything to and from your mother tongue.

3. Read passages which you already understand several times and try to understand them in English

4. Talk to yourself in English.

5. Listen to English news and language as much as possible.
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I can only tell you that it comes with time.I came to U.S. With a very, very limited knowledge of the language and learned English by myself.  No school involved. My best companion was a small dictionary and  a small T.V. Set  with closed caption.Now after 10 years I really have to stop my thoughts in English sometimes because I feel sorta guilty that I don't think in my native tongue.  I can say that listening to the music,reading magazines and watching TV along with interacting with other people were my best teaching and learning tools.I have to disagree with Aisha's # 1 and # 2 completely ,trust me. But the rest of her advice is solid as gold.Take it and run with it.Good luck to you and I can say you'll be thinking in English in no time and there will be no stopping you....!!!!:)  Oh and make a dictionary and spell checker your new best friends forever!:)
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Really have an experience with this subject matter , you have to imagine the word you hear or listen to in instead of translate it is translation but in another way which is the way or acquisition the language by the way you are to train your mind to name the things another names . If you feel you are can imagine every thing in general you'll be understanding the language believe me like a film streak that is the way  it depends not on time but on concentration. You can try 5menut concentration will achieve the goal try to listen to the news while you are imagine the actions in your mind no need for watching just listen and imagine. Good luck.
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Well superb think you all given here for us. Thanks all for sharing it.

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