Is Someone From Michigan Really Called A Michigander?


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The demonym or gentilic for people from the state of Michigan in the U.S. Is indeed Michigander. It is pronounced as mish-uh-gan-der. It was considered a derogative at first, but the people themselves seem to prefer the use of Michigander while referring to them as compared to any other word.   There are other names you can call a native of this state by, including Michiganian, Michiganer and Michiganite. Some people from the northern peninsula call themselves Yoopers. Michiganian now also refers to alumni of the University of Michigan. The term was first coined by Abraham Lincoln as a derogative while addressing a speech against Lewis Cass, a long time governor of Michigan. He merged Michigan and gander to give the governor a nickname which made him sound foolish like a goose.  

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