What Is The National Costume Of Brunei?


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The national costume of Brunei is hard to describe. The men and women both seem to wear incredibly embroidered and sparkling gowns that have complex patterns on them. The women appear to wear veils on their head that only covers the back, and are completely open at the front.

The general clothes seem to be a lot like gowns, but long jacket-type gowns appear to be worn. Blue and gold colors are used a lot in the costumes. Gold seems to represent a classy affair, suggesting that their national costume is one of celebration.

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National costume is more commonly known as folk costume and is used to represent or express a particular identity. The costumes sometimes represent a period of time from history, too. Costumes are typically related to a geographical area, which is why many countries (especially in Europe) have their own national costume. These costumes tend to come in two forms - one for every day occasions, and the other for festivals or formal wear.

Ever since the outbreak of romantic nationalism, these kinds of costumes have become incredibly important. They promote the importance of loving your country and your culture, and promote the concept of an identity, which is incredibly important in an increasingly globalized world.

In areas where more contemporary Western fashions have become the norm, traditional garments are generally worn in connection with special events and celebrations within a given culture. In particular, these celebrations are connected to heritage and history, national pride and cultural traditions within a given geographical area.

In some countries this kind of wear is a legal requirement. In Saudi Arabia, women are expected to always wear the abaya in public. This is because of the Islamic rule that currently exists in Saudi Arabia.

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