What Did People Wear In The 16th Century?


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The wealthy people wore doublets, hose, trunk hose camions (a more closely-fitting style of pants), Venetians, hats, shirts, boots, shoes. And the merchants wore long gowns with a full-length robe or surcoat.
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Which people? Where?

In China women commonly wore what look like trousers with long tops. Men wore tops that went down to their ankles. The rich might wear silk. The poor had cotton or wool, generally. Silk is a good insulator and warm in multiple layers indoors.

In the USA mid-west and south, folk commonly were bare from the waist up in good weather, with visibility of the naval considered to be a proof of Humanity. Leather was commonest for clothing. Further south the commonest textile was cotton. Dog's fur was spun for utility use, but not for actual clothing beyond belts or similar ties.

In Europe, women's garments were commonly either one piece for each layer or dozens of pieces tied or pinned together. Bodice is the plural of "body". For either gender, among the wealthier, the front body and back body of an upper garment might be two pieces. Each sleeve and each over-sleeve might be separate. The two halves of garments for nether limbs would usually be separate and laced (stitched) together for the wearing. This allowed easy readjustment for nice fit or for comfort.

Henry VIII of England loved to show off his legs and court fashion followed him, at least for males who weren't clergy or one sort or another. Earlier hose were made of bias-cut fulled wool and the ankle area was laced close(d) for each wearing. By the time of Elizabeth I, there were also finely knit hose for women and for men.

Wool and linen (and hemp) were more easily available in most of Europe than cotton or any other textile fiber. Those who could not afford silk fabric, might have decoration with silk embroidery. Silk is easy to dye and won't be eaten by moth larvae.
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