How Can I Improve My Oral English Level?


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The best way to improve your oral English language is to speak English as much as you can. You should speak it with a learned speaker and also you can speak it with your family members. Also watch English movies and news to improve your accent.
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Well the easy way and cost-less to improve your speaking ability is by watching TV programmes/ radio (news,etc) that are in English by listening it will help your vocabulary and intonation and don't forget to practise it by communicating in English. Practise make perfect =]
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One of the ways to improve your oral English level is to listen to English language songs on the radio and listen to the commercials and announcements also.
Try to speak English whenever you have the opportunity-when shopping at the market, buying clothes, etc. Another good way, go on a university campus and find a language partner.
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If you want to improve, you should work very hard. English is not an easy language.... But you can improve by reading newspaper, communicate with friends as well as with family members using this language...If you come across difficult words, refer its meaning in the not feel shy if you make a mistake... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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