What Are The Responsibilities Of An Ambassador?


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Ambassadors are the highest representatives of their governments abroad. Their primary responsibility is to represent the interest of their government or head of state in the courts or capitals of other nations or group of nations. They are protected by diplomatic immunity a practice started by the Mongols in the age of Genghis Khan. An Ambassador is generally the head of a foreign mission or embassy and is responsible for the administration of all the various offices related to the embassy. The embassy is an extension of policy or its representative in a foreign land and may contain different specialized sections such as the economic, political and consular sections. Though all these sections have their designated heads the ultimate responsibility is that of the Ambassador. In terms of conflict or the pursuit of peace it is the Ambassador who represents the interest of his government abroad.
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Ambassador is the official representative in any country by the government to serve official duties for his own country. He is also there to build a friendly atmosphere between the two countries. The host country permits them to manage a special region called the embassy. The staff and other facilities are provided by the host country to the ambassador.

They also allow or permit visas for entry into his country to the people of host country. His duty is to update the current developments between the countries. Basically he is responsible for making mutual relations in all fields, and guaranteeing the security of interest of his own country. We often read that the ambassador of some country came to your country to make some business deals or to solve some stress between the countries. Many conferences take place in different countries where all the ambassadors get together to resolve different matters with the help of dialogue. They can go back if their security is not proper or if the host countries do not allow them to stay there any more.

Secondly not on officially base ambassador is also the representative of a company or an organization which is selected by the company to the promotion of his products.This ambassador works only for the organization. The advantage of the ambassador in a country is to have a brotherhood with other countries, to have some good contact to reduce the difference between the countries to spend a peace full life.
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To be faithful to the person who has sent you
Not to become entangled with the customs where you have been sent
Return to your homeland at the appointed time
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Ambassador is very important in explaining about one country which mean that he really have to know all about history. He will also help to create social network with other country
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Each country has an Ambassador. An Ambassador is the one that represents the country in any international meetings, organization or whatever that the president can't go to.

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