When Someone Is Born On February 29 During Leap Year, What Happens In The Four Years In Between? Do They Just Not Have A Birthday That Year Or Do They Have Their Birthday On March First?


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I was born February 29th 1988. Ive been alive for 21 years now but have only had 5 official birthdays.
Nothing really happens in between birthdays lol. I celebrate the 28th . It often starts debates between family and friends . They believe that I should celebrate march 1st. Well my argument is simple . I wasnt born in March I was born the last day of February.
When February 29th does come along then what happens is theres a much bigger celebration!  For example when I turned 5 my friends and I partied for 5 days lol.

I wouldnt trade my birthday for any other date. I love the fact that I am among the very few born on such a rare and unique day. I have yet to met anyone else born on this day, and I often have to show my ID to people. They never believe me when I tell them my birthday lol! .
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Seems as though I should have made myself an account before answering this question.lol
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Thats so cool i must say. So how often do you renew your licenses? Since your birthday is every leap year? How does that work?
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I was born 29th February 1972 and I have always celebrated my birthday on the 28th of February on the other 3 years. Although the law states that I was not legally 18 until March 1st. I only discovered this when I was trying to get married. I have never agreed with this because I was born on the last day of February, I was not born in March.
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I have a friend who was born on the 29th. He and his family celebrate their birthdays on the 28th of feb rather than 1st of March. But I think it should depend on their own choices.
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Well of course its not their actual birthday but people still celebrate on march 1 or february 29 because technically youre one or more  years old.....
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some people celebrate there birthday in the 28th.

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I had a teacher who celebrated it on both 2/28 and 3/1. She figured if she couldn't have the actual day she might as well celebrate as long as she could.

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One who is born on 29th feb can celebrate on 28th of Feb except for leap year. The age will be calculated once in 4 years loll. I mean if the boy is 4 years (actual age), it is considered as 1 year loll. I am just kidding
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I do not know I was not supposed to be born and here I am and my birth is in febuary a matter of fact the twsenty first and I was supposed to have brother born so you got me I do not know its all confuseing. And iw as born at 1201pm to

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