Can You Give Me Some Party Crew Name Suggestions?


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Party crew names should be fun, attention-grabbing and representative of the scene that they fit into.

To pick a good name, I'd recommend finding something snappy, memorable, and oozing with charisma.

Good party crew names For those of you who aren't "in the loop", party crews are a phenomenon where teenagers (usually under the age of 21) converge to 'raise the roof' (a colloquialism for having a celebration).

The 'crew' is a clique involved in hosting and organizing the event - and a successful party crew can garner 'street cred' (respect, recognition and notoriety among peers) for their efforts.

To represent the 'seismic' nature of a party crew event, a name like The Earthquakes might be appropriate.

To shake things up a bit, you might want to consider purposely mis-spelling your crew name; something like Da ErthQwaykes might thus prove popular.

What to name your party crew In the United States, party crews tend to be affiliated with gangs, and even the criminal underworld! This is because people under the age of 21 are usually denied access to bars and other legal forms of partying, and therefore often resort to more illicit forms of entertainment.

Party crews are often linked with drug-fueled raves where sex and contraband are freely available. This is not something I would condone, especially considering the police interest that these negative elements of the scene attract.

However, there's no denying that the party crew scene is heavily reliant on this 'gangster' image and culture. To reflect this, you may want to give your party crew a name that suggests some sort of gangster vibe.

All the following are valid options:

  • The Dons
  • The Hoodwinks
  • The Scallywags
  • The Dirty Rascals
  • Good Fellas
  • Par-T Cru
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The 7semesticz.

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