Can You Explain Culture Shock?


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It is a term which is used to describe the anxiety and feelings felt when people have to operate with an entirely different cultural or a social environment, such as a foreign country. It grows out of the difficulties in assimilating new culture, which causes difficulty in knowing what is appropriate for them and what is not.
The symptoms of culture shock could be:

Sadness and melancholy
Preoccupation with health
Aches, pains, and allergies
Changes in temperament, depression,
feeling powerless
Anger and irritability
Loss of identity
Lack of confidence
Feelings of insecurity
Developing stereotypes about the new culture

I had to go to UK for my higher studies and I faced a lot of negative reactions from the nationals. The nation is relying soley on discrimination on the basis of races. So for me it was a complete cultural shock.
If you want to learn more, see the link below:culture shock
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I moved from Detroit Michigan in the North to a very small agrarian town in Southern Indiana, across from Louisville,Ky. I was in tune with the fashion and make-up of the late 60's[metropolitan]. When I showed up for school The kids there thought I looked like I was from outer Space. Mini skirts and white eyeshadow were unknown

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