What Is An Ancient Egyptian Word That Starts With The Letter 'U'?


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Well, the ancient Egyptians wrote using symbols called hieroglyphs, so they wouldn’t have actually used the letter ‘U’ at all!

However, there are several ancient Egyptian words – mainly names – that begin with U when written using the English alphabet.

Ancient Egpytian Words Beginning With ‘U’
  • Unas – a pharaoh of the Old Kingdom who ruled during the fifth dynasty
  • Udjat (also Wedjat) – The Eye of Horus (pictured), which was an amulet and symbol of protection
  • Upuaut (also Wepwawet) – A canine-shaped Guardian god and war deity (depicted on all fours -unlike Anubis, who was a human with the head of a jackal)
  • Userkaf – first king to rule during the fifth dynasty
  • Uto – an Egyptian equivalent of the Greek goddess Leto
As all of these names have been translated from hieroglyphs, there’s no standard spelling for them – their representation isn’t consistent in the heiroglyphs, and the focus is on pronunciation, anyway.

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