If You Jump Off A Building Will You Die Of A Heart Attack Before You Hit The Ground?


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YES... People always say you don't die... But it has been proven!  You would die because jumping off and knowing you will die will but you in shock so you have a heart attack.  If you jump off a not so high building you won't because you are not in shock for long!
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Ohk well heres the answer alright alright(: You die before you hit the ground because you become in shock as you r falling and your heart just stops. Your welcome
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I think that anyone who has survived falling or jumping off a building might just disagree with you, don't you? If your theory was correct then I doubt that there would be anyone engaged in parachuting either as by your wondering they would be dead of a heart attack before they had a chance to pull the ripcord.
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If you have a weak heart and jump off a building high off th ground, then there is a chance you might get a heart attack, but its a 2/10 chance that will happen, but if you have a strong heart then you will not have a heart attack first. Hope it helps!
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In the case of parachuting, I would say that its different, when your jumping from a plane, you are scared, but your death isn't immanent, when you throw yourself off a building, your probably going to die
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I think you would die of cracking your head open when you hit the ground
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Yes, Chirp got it right.  You die when your your head shatters upon hitting the ground and your brains splash up to 10 feet away.

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