How Do I Find Out Someone's Court Date In North Carolina, For Free?


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To find out someone's court date in North Carolina for free you need to use the online website, phone or go into the court itself where you will be given the information you need.

The website is a great help as it offers you much more than just court date information. You can use the site to complete a wide range of different checks which include; Background checks, Pre-employment checks, Tenant Screening, Reverse phone look up, Locating people, a Public Records Directory, Criminal records check, sex Offender records check, Prison & Inmate records check, Bankruptcy records check, Marriage, Death, Births, Adoptions, Divorce records check, Wanted criminals searches, SSN validation tools, Reverse address look up, Email search, Credit reports, Unclaimed money & assets, Government & police auctions and all other public records. As you can see the website has much more to offer than you may have first thought, with even more information than the above available in the form of tutorials and investigation services. If you want to find out anything about North Carolina courts then this site is for you;

If you want to call then all you need to do is look up the right number for the right court which can be found at the above mentioned website. There you can find the right number easily and you can be quickly on the phone and asking you questions in no time at all. Different departments deal with different things, you may be placed on hold and passed to another person in another office, and the main secretary may even be just a switch board. You will be put through to the right person and after explaining your reasons for requiring the information they will give you the court date you want to find.

If you want to go into the court house itself then the person behind the help desk will be able to help you find out the information you need. You may need to bring in identification or you may be able to do it anonymously depending on the case in question as some cases you will need to be a relative before you can find out any information about the court date or any other details.

Regardless of which method you use; website, phone or a visit, you will be able to find out the information you seek for free. In a world where we have to live on a budget getting things for free is important and helpful.
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There is a web site and you type the name and select the court . It will give you the charges and court date. Just look under court dates and it will take you to the free web page. I use it often. Its for district and superior courts.
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I am trying to find out my son Ryan Christopher Doyle court date in raleigh north carolina
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