How May Orientalism And Prejudice Contribute To Hate Crimes?


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Hate crimes are products of prejudice. There is no hate crime that is conducted on the basis of a known familiarity with a culture, but it is based on ignorance of a culture and fear of it. One translates fear without thought to the perception of disgust, and that grows to hatred, which for those violently inclined, results in hate crimes. I think by Orientalism you are referring not to the orient as a place but to orientation as a mindset. It is the orientation which is the basis of the ignorance. If you are positioned in a vat of fudge you don't get to learn what the sprinkles look like. Orientation is a positioning, and the perception brought about by the positioning. If you lean towards your orientation as the only form of perception, then you propulgate your own ignorance. And here is the cycle: Ignorance and prejudice are the elements brought about by orientalism. For those so anti-socially inclined, those result in the commissions of hate crimes.

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