How Many Couples Make It To Their 60th Anniversary?


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I could not find the exact statistics. However, I came to know that on average marriages last for around 5 years. So I can bet that they are one of the rare ones. It is truly an exceptional case.
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in the united states it's rare they are thinking about making it law that you renew your license every 7years to see if you still want to be with this person after 7yrs, you will have the option to stay or go,imagine Honey it's almost time what you think should we go another 7 or should we give up,it would be something to think about.
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If I talk about here in "india, pakistan, bangladesh, iran, afghanistan & almost every arab country". There are so many couples who reach their 60th anniversary. Divorce isn't common practice here coz of cultural. Exact statistics might not be availaible but some one told me that at least 7 out of 10 marriages in these countries reach above their 60th annivrsary & most of those marriages who don't reach their 60th anniversary their main reason is usually the early death of one partner.

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